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Refresh Restore Regenerate

Refresh, Restore, Regenerate

Mendocino Eco Artists Show

Benefits Conservation in Mendocino County:
Begins February 9
at the Stanford Inn, Mendocino
thru early Summer 2022

The Mendocino Eco Artists are having an art show benefiting the Mendocino Land Trust. Starting February 9, stop by the Stanford Inn to view amazing artwork along the theme Refresh, Restore, Regenerate.

Works by the Eco Artists will remain on show for at least three or four months. As work sells, new pieces will be added. Artists in this show have pledged to donate at least 20% of the sale price of their pieces to MLT. Some artists donate 50% and some choose to donate the entire sale price of their art. The Mendocino Land Trust is honored and grateful that the Mendo Eco Artists have chosen to use their talent to help raise funds for conservation in Mendocino County. Please stop by the Stanford Inn and become the proud owner of a one-of-a-kind work of art that reflects your love of Mendocino County and supports conservation goals.

Eco Artists included in this show are Maeve Croghan, Debra Lennox, Julie Higgins, Janis Porter, Karen Bowers, Paul Reiber, Eleanor Harvey, MaryEllen Campbell, Keith Middlesworth, Cynthia Crocker Scott, Bob Rhoades. There is also work by two guest artists, Micaela Carr and Trish Orchard.



To date, MEA has had shows at the Mendocino Art Center Galleries, the Stanford Inn, the College of the Redwoods, the Ford House Museum, and the Mendocino Artists’ Cooperative Gallery, the Glendeven Inn and Wine Bar[n]Gallery, Little River Inn, Scharffenberger Winery, Gualala Art Center Gallery, Visit Mendocino Gallery, and more.


Stanford Inn – “Preserving the Land” - MLT
Ford House – “Preserving our Parks” - MAPA
The World's Largest Salmon BBQ - SRA
“ Wet, Windy & Wild” - Carmody Gallery, Fort Bragg - NCMS


Stanford Inn – “In Land we Trust” - MLT
The World's Largest Salmon BBQ - SRA


Stanford Inn – “ Conserving our Heritage” - MLT
The World's Largest Salmon BBQ - SRA
Odd Fellows Gallery, Art@Flockworks – “Watershed Visions – The Source” – NCMS
Stanford Inn – “Conserving Our Heritage” – MLT


Odd Fellows Gallery, Art@Flockworks - “Watershed Visions” - NCMS
Stanford Inn - “On the Trails” - MLT
Visit Mendocino Gallery - “Art for our Environment” benefiting all 5 Partners
Scharffenberger Cellars Gallery - “Woods and Wine” - MAPA


Stanford Inn - “Loving Our Parks” MAPA
Glendeven Inn and Wine Barn Gallery - “Cherishing the Land” MLT


Mendocino Art Center Gallery - “Our Resources On the Edge” - MAPA
Little River Inn - “Spring Ranch Barns” - MAPA


Mendocino Art Center Gallery - “Into the Forest” - MLT
Mendocino Artists Co-op Gallery - “Saving the Salmon - SRA
Stanford Inn - “Protecting Our Forests” - RFFI
Gualala Art Center - “From Here to There” MAPA


Glendeven Inn and Wine Barn Gallery - “Chasing the Light” - MAPA
Mendocino Artists Co-op Gallery - “Oceans 17” - SRA
Mendocino Art Center - “Inspiration Points” - MAPA
Ford House Museum - MAPA
Glendeven Inn and Wine Barn Gallery - “Return to the Rivers” - SRA
Stanford Inn - “Taking Flight for MAPA” - MAPA
Glendeven Inn and Wine Barn Gallery - “A Park Point of View” - MAPA


Stanford Inn “Salmon - Oceans - Rivers II” - SRA
Mendocino Art Center Gallery - “Save Our Parks” - MAPA
Mendocino Artists Co-op Gallery - “Visions from the Coast” - SRA
Glendeven Inn and Wine Barn Gallery - “A Park Point of View” - MAPA


World’s Largest Salmon BBQ - benefit for SRA
Mendocino Fourth of July Parade - Huge, human powered Coho salmon “float” in the 2010 - SRA
Mendocino Art Center - “Salmon - Ocean - Rivers” - SRA
College of the Redwoods - SRA

KEY to our Partners and when we added them
SRA - Salmon Restoration Association (2010)
   MEA has a booth at the World’s Largest Salmon BBQ each summer,
   sells raffle tickets for a donated piece of art, has artists doing personality sketches, and more . . .

MAPA - Mendocino Area Parks Association (2011)
MLT - Mendocino Land Trust (2013)
RFFI - Redwood Forest Foundation (2014)
NCMS - Noyo Center for Marine Science (2016)


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